Vinyl Decal Mini Sign

After making last week's sign for my mom, I knew I needed to finish the sign I had planned for my dad. He has an office attached to the garage that he calls his Micro Shop. I thought it'd be cute to make him a micro sign for his shop.

I found a small pine plaque, sanded it a bit, and painted it red (because of my dad's love of Farmall Tractors).

After the plaque was completely dry, I prepared my vinyl. I cut the words and two little sets of tools out of black vinyl with my Silhouette. I weeded the designs using a craft knife to pick out the tiny bits left behind.

I lined up the words using some transfer paper and carefully applied it to my plaque. I burnished the letters (with the back of my nail) and then carefully peeled the transfer paper back.

Then I repeated the process with the little tools.

Once the vinyl was applied, the sign was nearly complete. The craft paint was really flat, and I didn't want the letters to peel off, so I decided to seal it.

I ended up using a quick coat of mod podge to add some glossy shine and give it a good seal. I applied a thin layer with a foam brush.

After a couple of hours, the sign was dry and complete! This was a fun quick project to make a little sign. Since I'm still learning all of the things that my Silhouette can do, this is definitely a good beginner project!


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