Hulk Canisters

Emerald Nuts used to sell these to go snack cups of their nuts. I thought they were neat containers, so I tossed them in my craft box instead of in the recycling. It doesn't look like they still sell these, which is a shame. They have nice twist on tops and came out super clean when I peeled off the labels. Since they were so nice after I cleaned them, I decided it would be a pity to cover them up with decoupage (which is what I usually do). 

So, I opted for vinyl decals. Since the containers are green, I decided to go for some Incredible Hulk decals. I did a Google search and looked for designs that would fit the container and would look good when cut out fairly small, and then I traced them in Silhouette Studio. (Reminder, if you hope to sell things that you make with your digital cutting machine, make sure the designs are free for public and commercial use. Designs of licensed characters like these are often made and shared by creators online but are only available for personal use.) After the designs were made, I cut them out on some glossy black permanent vinyl.

After they were cut, I peeled off the excess vinyl and was left with some fairly simple decals. The first one I applied was all one piece, so I just peeled it off it's backing and stuck it on the container like a sticker and smoothed it down.

This second decal was a bit more detailed, but I didn't realize as I peeled it off, that the L wasn't attached to anything else in the design. I applied the rest of the decal like a sticker and then had to come back in with the L and carefully place it. The letters were pretty thin, and if I had to do it over, I would have used transfer tape for this design--but it came out just fine.

So now my cute green containers have been all Hulked up with some fun decals. Since these nut containers aren't available anymore, please comment below if you know of other similar cup sized containers with twist off lids that folks could recycle and repurpose.


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