Tissue Covered Canister

I love a good recycle craft, and when I saw the change they made to the French's Fried Onions container a while back, I knew that container could be used for storage. The tricky part was covering it since it has these nice indented sides so you can get a good grip on the container. After my experience covering the candle holder, I knew how to handle the tissue paper and Mod Podge a bit better, and since it's cheaper and a little easier to work with than gluing fabric, I decided tissue paper was the way to go.

You'll need:
a clean plastic container
patterned tissue paper
a rotary cutter and mat (or a scissors)
Mod Podge and a brush to apply
glue safe work surface (I used a paper plate)

I started off by cutting the vacuum sealed label off.  There was no glue to clean off or anything--just a quick snip.  Then I cut my strips of tissue paper.  I ended up with two pieces that measured 4 1/4 inches by 14 inches. 

Next I covered half of the container in Mod Podge and carefully lined up the straightest edge with the top of the container and patted the tissue paper down onto the glue.  Then I glued the other half of the container. This tissue paper held up much better than the tissue paper did when I was making the covered candle holders. I don't know if it was the tissue, the smooth plastic surface, or the fact that I was better aware of how careful I needed to be, but it didn't tear at all.  This tissue paper is Hallmark brand, but I bought it at Wal-mart.

After one layer of tissue paper, it looked pretty cute.  If I had cut the length so that it didn't overlap as much, I might have stopped there and sealed it up--but I expected the paper to tear, so I had a big overlap...so I let this layer dry a bit and then put on another.

Using two layers of tissue paper creates that layered, textured look and covers up any sins from the first layer.  I carefully applied my Mod Podge onto half of the container and applied the tissue paper once again.  Be careful to line up the top of the paper with your edge and don't brush the glue on too vigorously so you don't tear your tissue paper.

I finished gluing down all of the edges and any tissue paper that hung over the bottom of the container.

I let the two layers of Mod Podged tissue paper dry for about an hour before I came back and coated the whole works in a good layer to seal it up.

When I was done, I filled it up with crayons. When I finish my next container, I may make one just for letter stamps, or it could also be a good place to store a small collection of washi tape. Pretty good for trash, don't you think?


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