Mod Podge Dyed Mason Jars

I started seeing people post about coloring their own mason jars.  They would usually be to a shade of blue--reminiscent of the classic teal colored Ball Jars.  Why dye them blue when you can still buy them that color?  My favorite color is purple, so I thought I'd try to make a purple Ball Jar.

You'll need:
A Mason Jar (I picked mine up at the thrift store for 89 cents, but you can get cases of them everywhere this time of year)
Liquid Food Coloring
Foam Brush
Something disposable to mix the paint on/in (I used a paper plate)

I dumped a good pile of Mod Podge onto my plate--you'll need quite a bit in order to get good coverage.  Then I used 4 drops of red and 2 drops of blue food dye to get the desired saturated purple color.

I stirred the color together until there weren't any streaks of blue or red.

Then I quickly brushed the inside of the jar to make sure that everything would get covered even if the rest of the Mod Podge didn't want to run down the sides in a particular area.

Then I scraped all of the rest of the dyed glue into the jar and swirled it around a bit.  It's a bit thick, but I tried it once before with thinning the glue, and it didn't stick to the sides of the glass (so if you do decide to thin the glue down with water--don't use much water).

Then turn the jar over and let the excess glue drip out.  Turn it periodically (every half hour or so) until it's stopped dripping and seems to be set up. It will remain opaque for quite a while.  I wasn't in any hurry, so I just set it on a baking rack to dry the first night, then just left it sit.  It stayed opaque for 4 days, and then in one day, it just turned clear.  You can put your jar in an oven with a pan underneath it to speed your drying up if you'd like.

I was pretty happy with the way the purple turned out.  But the lip of the Jar was a bit globby from where I wiped up the glue that dripped down while it was drying, so I put a bow on the top.  I'm not sure what I'll do with my pretty purple jar, but I took some photos of it with an LED candle inside that turned out pretty cute--so it might be a candle holder for a while. 

Update: My Mason Jar turned blue after about a year.


  1. Thank you for the update on the color change. I had done this with jars I used for citronella oil. Even though mine were out of the rain and sun AND coated with a protective spray, one became moldy. The color stayed the same but it had black dots of mold in it. Weird huh?

    1. Mod podge and moisture and not friends, but I never thought it would get moldy. Something to watch out for!


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