2022 Year in Review: Best of the Blog

Happy New Year from Sarah Jane's Craft Blog! As has been a tradition for the last several years (Best of the Blog Lists), I've tallied up the most popular posts/projects of the previous year to share with you.

The #1 most popular post of 2022 was this adorable 3D printed octopus.

The #2 most popular post on the blog this year were these blown Alcohol Ink Mugs. This wasn't my first time inking mugs, but it was my first time using these mugs from Dollar Tree.

The third most popular project on this year's blog was my Alohamora Key Rack. Once I finally found the right sized screws to hang this up, it's been holding our keys ever since!

The #4 most popular post of the year was this lovely heart plate I made with alcohol ink and a vinyl heart to block the ink.

The #5 most popular post of the year was this alcohol ink Rose Bowl. Trying to achieve a rose pattern with alcohol ink has been something I wanted to try for quite a while. I was excited when I got it to mostly work!

Next up are a couple of honorable mentions. I've been doing quite a bit of 3D printing lately, but my favorite types of 3D printing projects are the ones that I get to add my own twist to. These adorable articulated butterflies were a ton of fun to ink!

This honorable mention is another 3D printed plus crafting project. These dice trays were lined with felt and have been used a ton already at our house.

Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me. Happy crafting, and I hope everyone has a wonderful 2023!


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