3D Printed Alohomora Key Rack

Always on the hunt for useful things to print on our 3D printer, I came across this cute Alohomora key rack. For those of you who aren't big Harry Potter nerds, Alohomora is the spell used to unlock or open, so it's a perfect fit for a place to hold your keys.

This print design is a pretty simple one. I sliced it in Cura and used the default settings (.2 resolution, 20% infil). I left the design size at 100%, but had to position it diagonally across the print bed to get it to fit. It didn't take long for the design to start to look like the finished product.

I used a Black PLA to print the key rack. I enjoyed checking on this print as it went, it's always fun to see it make the patterns in the middle of a design (for prints that aren't solid).

After the tops of the letters finished, it just had the hooks left. The print for this project went really  smoothly.

The print took about 6 hours and the only issues I had were with some wisps of plastic on some of the pointed ends of the letters. It was easy enough to trim those off with my fingernails and a craft knife for the more stubborn ones.

I was really happy with how this one turned out. I can't wait to hang it up, but when I went to look for screws, all the ones in my stash were too wide for the holes, so hanging is currently on hold. It will be a perfect key rack once it's hung.


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