3D Printed Egg Holder Easter Bunny

As I was looking for some new printing projects to make with our 3D printer, I found this cute bunny-shaped egg holder. The design comes in two sizes--one for Cadbury Eggs and one for Kinder Eggs. You can adjust for other sizes as needed when slicing the design to prepare it for your printer.

I used some white PLA filament and set the bunny to print using standard settings (.2 resolution) but with 10% infil.

The bunny took about an hour and a half to print and came out pretty clean. The eye looked better on the top of the design than it did on the bottom/bed side, but otherwise, it was perfect.

As soon as it printed, I dug out a Cadbury Egg and tested to make sure it worked. It was just the right size, and I set it up to print another!


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