Sunset Stripes Alcohol Ink on Dominoes

I've had an application technique for alcohol ink floating around in my head for awhile. I've seen ink applicated in rainbows with foam brushes and makeup sponges, but I always thought it wouldn't look as pretty when I tried it myself. I've used foam brushes to apply ink to the edges of tiles and in other areas where I want a solid color, but I hadn't tried striping the ink.

So I got out some dominoes and a foam brush so I could test this striped application method. I chose some colors that I thought would look nice next to each other. I added an orange when I had space for more ink on my foam brush.

I used the tip of the inks to draw a line of ink on the foam brush and just stacked the lines of ink on top of each other. I couldn't really see the ink (except that hot pink raspberry color) on the foam brush, but I could tell where it was wet.

I took a picture of the inks before I painted them on the dominoes so I could remember what colors I used: Sunset Orange, Raspberry, Purple Twilight, Sailboat Blue, and Clover.

Then I brushed the ink across the domino. I adjusted the position of the brush to get more blues and more oranges, but it was immediately stripe-y and beautiful. The lines blended together as they dried.

The ink lasted so long I was able to double brush some of the dominoes to get darker colors and added a little extra orange to a few. Each different method created a slightly different look

I let them dry for an hour and the colors continued to smooth a bit as they dried, so they hardly looked stripe-y at all. But, I did get some ink on the edges, so I wetted a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol and rubbed the edges of my dominoes on the damp paper towel to remove the excess ink. The hardest part is keeping the ink off your fingers so you don't get more on the domino edges as you are cleaning.

I had a few that didn't quite turn out or got a bit of rubbing alcohol on them while I was cleaning, so I stamped their surface on the alcohol soaked paper towel to create a texture to hide the defects.

They're not quite as pretty as the striped ones, but they are still cute.

After I cleaned the edges, I put them in a cardboard box and gave them a good coat of Kamar Varnish to set the ink.

These were super satisfying and quick to ink. I can't wait to figure what to make with my rainbow/sunset dominoes. I've stamped and embossed and decorated dominoes to make necklaces in the past. Maybe these will be keychains. Anyone have any other ideas?


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