Monday, January 18, 2016

Embossed Domino Pendants

If you read last week's post where I played around with stamping alcohol ink on some dominoes and were wondering what the heck I was going to do with them--today's your lucky day!

I sealed the dominoes with some clear acrylic sealer so that the ink wouldn't smudge, scratch, or have any issues with bleeding when stamped. Last Thursday it was almost 50 degrees, which is unseasonable for January. Today's high was 2 degrees, so I'm glad I got the dominoes sealed when I did. Spray a very light coat at least a foot away from the dominoes at first and then wait like 30 seconds before giving them a good spray to avoid any stippling. Then flip them over and repeat.

After the sealer had dried, I grabbed my embossing stuff (heat gun, embossing powder, VersaMark ink pad, and a random assortment of stamps). I picked this scroll pattern stamp and stuck it to a stamp block.

After tapping the clear "ink" from the VersaMark stamp pad onto the stamp, I set my domino onto the stamp and pressed down. Be very careful not to slide or bump the stamp.

I then put the domino onto a paper plate and sprinkled embossing powder over the stamped image. Be sure to put enough on to cover whatever design is stamped on. Then dump the excess off. I often blow gently on the stamped design (but not in the direction of the pile of powder on your plate or it will go everywhere) and rub my finger along the edge to get rid of any powder that's sticking because of static, etc... After you've dumped the excess off you can put it back into your embossing powder jar (just  like glitter).

Next I put my domino on a heat resistant surface (in my case it's a cork Ikea trivet) and use a heat gun to set the powder. Move the gun back and forth over the design until the powder turns liquid and then let it cool and you're done.

In the second photo of the domino, you can see how the embossing powder turns glossy black after being heated.

I really liked the way the scroll-designed stamp turned out, so I made several different versions using that stamp.  I also tried out a flower and butterfly stamp on my lightest colored domino. I did try a couple out that didn't quite turn out--mostly because I did a bad job stamping--so be prepared to have a couple of misses among your dominoes.

After my embossing patterns all cooled, I used some E6000 glue to attach some flat necklace bails to the back of the dominoes.

After the glue dried, I used some faux suede cording and some satin cording to string them up as necklaces.