Alcohol Ink Dyed Dominoes

Over Christmas I managed to snag an big set (double twelves) of dominoes. They were well used and missing two of their numbers, so they were perfect to craft with.

They seemed like perfect candidates for alcohol ink since they are a smooth non porous surface. I grabbed my craft mat, inks, applicator, and some rubbing alcohol. My first step was to make sure they were clean of dirt and oil from being handled. I used a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to clean each domino.

After inking my first domino, I set up two applicators with two different sets of colors dripped on them so that I could dye two dominoes at once. This worked out pretty well since you need to dye a side, let it dry for a minute, and then flip to another side. I started on the backs so that the fronts wouldn't be marred or full of fingerprints. The only downside is that the colors are more separate when you start and begin to mix a bit on the felt by the time you stamp the front of your domino.

As always with alcohol inks, stamp until you receive the desired effect with the ink. Keep stamping to mix colors or get a stippled effect, and replace your felt or add ink if the colors become muddied. I used some of the metallic inks on these dominoes and really liked the way they turned out.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with my lovely decorated dominoes. You could use them for pendants, key fobs, drawer pulls, or a really colorful set of playing dominoes (although I'd dye them all with the same colors to keep folks from memorizing their favorite dominoes). I hope I can add some additional embellishment or decorations to these beauties in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to find out.


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