Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Dominoes

After last week's domino project, I had an urge to work with dominoes again. I decided to try out the plastic wrap application method to see if it would work on dominoes.

So I set out a craft mat and a sheet of plastic wrap and got out my inks.

I selected a veritable rainbow of alcohol inks and dripped them all over my sheet of plastic wrap.

When the plastic wrap was filled with ink, I dropped my dominoes onto the ink and wrapped the edges of the plastic around the dominoes. When I do this again, I'll try to make sure to have enough inked plastic to wrap around all of the dominoes. Some of my dominoes were inked on the backsides and some weren't.

I let them dry for several days before unwrapping them, but they're usually dry after being left for 12-24 hours (depending on humidity levels and how much ink was used and how porous the surface is, etc...). 

Between the rainbow of colors and the ink getting a bit smooshed when I moved my pack of dominoes off to the side of the table to dry, they got a bit muddied in color, but they worked. This surface works perfectly for alcohol ink application like this. So I'll definitely try again!

I got a few good ones out of the batch and proved the concept. Now I just need to take these dominoes and the ones from last week and make something with them.


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