Washi Tape Binder Clips

Like many of you, I'm working from home right now, so I thought I'd revisit a craft project from several years ago to upgrade some of my office supplies and add some color to my home office. I used washi tape to decorate some tiny binder clips (that were the same width as my wider washi tape) back then, so this time I wanted to try to decorate some larger binder clips.

So I got out some well used binder clips and my bin of washi tape. I used both a scissors and a craft knife in this project. The scissors worked better when cutting off the role and if the tape was very paper-y. But the craft knife worked well for cutting the tape when it was on the binder clip.

I tried applying the tape horizontally on the binder clips, but the edges wanted to peel at the corners, so vertically worked better. I used two pieces of tape on the wider (3/4 inch and 15mm) rolls and 3 pieces of tape for the narrower rolls of tape.

After I applied the tape along the edge of the binder clip, I flipped the clip over and cut the washi tape along the top edge.

Then I smoothed the tape down and into place. The tape that had non-geometric patterns seemed to look the best with the overlap. I guess you could measure the tape to the exact right size and trim it, but that didn't seem worth my time to jazz up some old binder clips.

I used a craft knife when cutting along that top edge, and it worked very well on some of the tapes, but on the more paper-y tapes, it would tear. This half inch roll cut very neatly with the craft knife.

I whipped up a bunch of these cute binder clips in about a half an hour. I had a lot of fun, and now all of my binder clips are cute and colorful!


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