Plastic Wrap Alcohol ink on Spray Painted Tin

After a having some trouble with last week's tin, this project was super simple. I had an empty Harney and Sons tea tin, so I decided to give it some color!

The original printed label on this tin was pretty light, so spray painting it white was a breeze. I gave it one good coat on all sides and let it dry.

I got out a craft mat and a roll of plastic wrap.

I laid out the plastic wrap flat while keeping some wrinkles and covered it in drops of alcohol ink.

Once the plastic wrap was covered in ink, I placed my tin on the plastic wrap and wrapped it around the tin.

After the tin was covered in the plastic wrap and ink, I left it to dry. It usually takes 12-24 hours to dry enough to peel the plastic wrap off without the ink smearing. You can leave the plastic wrap to dry indefinitely if the surface you are inking is slightly porous (like paint).

I ended up letting this one "dry" for almost a week before I pulled the plastic wrap off. But You can see the colors are darker and not quite as bright after the ink has dried.

I peeled the plastic wrap off of the tin and was left with some fun color combinations! Such a fun and fast project! 


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