Thursday, October 3, 2013

Washi Tape Binder Clips

Another super quick washi tape craft: covered binder clips.  I use a lot of binder clips at my job, so I liked the idea of making them cuter.  I grabbed a handful of small binder clips and a stack of washi tape and got to work.

I lined up the straight edge along one side of the clip.  Then used a small sharp scissors to trim the tape along the opposite short edge.  Then I folded the excess over the top of the clip.  I repeated the process on the opposite side. I started out using a regular sized scissors but switched to a small one when I realized I needed to get a closer cut to the binder clip.  After that switch, the project was a piece of cake.

I even had one teeny-tiny binder clip that was the same width as the washi tape--covering a set of those itty bitty ones would be ideal; however, as binder clips go, though, they are pretty darn useless. Now I have a full variety of patterned binder clips to make me smile while I'm working.

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