Refashioned Planter

Last year I bought an herb garden kit that came with this little galvanized planter. I grew my chives, parsley and basil, but they always looked a bit sickly--not something I'd want to cook with. So after a year of sad looking herbs, I cut my losses and was left with a rusty planter.  It wasn't heavy enough or expensive enough for me to want to really work to get rid of the rust, so I had two options, spray paint, or trash. I opted for spray paint.

I went out to the patio with a cardboard box and some oil rubbed bronze spray paint and got to work.

I sprayed the inside, and then flipped it over and sprayed the bottom and a light coat on the sides.

Then I set the planter on its side and sprayed each side with a nice finish coat. It was as good as new!  Now I can use my old rusty planter to store greeting cards or bills, or maybe even as a planter again. 


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