Ombre Spray Painted Tins

Last fall I spray painted some terracotta pots in an ombre effect, and I loved the way they turned out, so when I had these pirouette cookie tins that I wanted to recycle into something useful, I knew I should try to spray paint them in some fun colors.

I started out by spray painting everything teal. This took several coats to cover up all of the printed patterns on the cans and lid. As always with spray paint, thin coats work best. It might press your patience a bit, but it dries pretty quickly, so take it slow to get good coverage. I had to turn the tins over once to get the tops better and had to lean the lids up to get the sides.

Once I was satisfied with the coverage on the teal paint, I grabbed a can of medium blue paint and pointed the nozzle about halfway up the can and covered half of the sides and the bottom with the blue. I turned the box as I sprayed to get full coverage. Then I let it dry.

Then I sprayed the bottom and the bottom quarter of the can with purple. I turned the box and kept spraying light coats until it was a saturated purple color. The overspray from the colors helps to mix and create an ombre effect. The blue could have been a bit darker, but it did really change the color of the teal, as you can see from the slight contrast between the top of the tins and the color of the lids.

I think these turned out beautiful just like the terracotta pots did. I can't wait to find these new storage tins a new home in my house.


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