Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Altar Candles

At my last trip to the Dollar Tree, I saw some more altar candles, and I just couldn't resist picking up some more. This time I thought I'd whip up some candles for Valentine's Day with some layered tissue paper.

All you need is the candles, some Mod Podge, a foam brush, and your tissue paper. I decided to put a layer of white down first and then cut out some heart shapes to glue over the top.

Gluing the tissue paper on is pretty simple, but it tears very easily if the tissue paper is wet. So keep your hands dry and free from glue. Plan ahead and glue the tissue paper on in sections with one of the sides lined up as straight as possible so that you don't have to reposition the paper. After you've applied the glue to the candle jar, just tap the paper into place. It doesn't have to be perfectly glued down or smoothed out. Most of the wrinkles will smooth out to a more pleasing texture as it dries and any loose edges can be glued down later.

After you have the paper tapped into the glue, let it dry for about a half hour (or longer) to get the glue to set so you can apply more glue to the tissue paper without it ripping.

I came back to my candles the next day and put a little glue onto the paper and then tapped one of the hearts I cut out of the tissue paper onto the glue. I cut my hearts out using the standard fold it in half heart cutting method that I learned in elementary school. It worked perfectly. You couldn't tell that it had been folded once it was glued in place.

After I got my red hearts glued on, I let them dry just a bit before gluing some pink hearts over top in staggered patterns. Then after that glue sets just a bit, you can put a layer of Mod Podge over top to seal everything down and turn it more translucent.

Once the Mod Podge dried clear, the candles looked great. I can't wait to light them up!

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