Monday, February 16, 2015

Alcohol Ink Candle Holders

I love the holiday scented Glade candles--they're the best.  So after the holidays I always have a few candle holders with wax left in the bottom.  So I cleaned a couple (I'll share my trick on Thursday) and decided to decorate them with alcohol ink.

I knew I wanted to decorate them with mostly red to go in my family room since it has red accents.  So I grabbed some red and gold alcohol ink and got to work.

My first pass was designed just to get some coverage and see how the colors mixed together. I stamped the outside of the candle holders from top to bottom and tried to get both candle holders covered without having to add more ink (so the colors would match in the end). As you can see, it was pretty one dimensional and a little pink looking. So for the second and third passes I added blue and then a teal color to my mix of reds and finished them off with metallic gold.With each layer, the ink became a little more stippled instead of running together like in the first coat.

For some reason the metallic gold I added doesn't show up at all in the pictures, but it looks like gold leaf scattered throughout--it turned out really neat. These were fun to decorate and look great with candles lit inside of them. Don't forget to spray them with some sealer if they'll be in an area that might get spilled on (especially by adult beverages or alcohol based products like hair spray or rubbing alcohol).

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