Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper

When I was a poor student I made quite a few batches of DIY wrapping paper. All you need is a roll of craft paper from the dollar store, some craft paint, and some foam paint stamps. I have been lucky finding rolls of paper on clearance and at dollar stores and I haven't made much wrapping paper lately.

I decided that Valentine's Day was a perfect holiday to get back on the wrapping paper crafting bandwagon since Valentine's wrapping paper is not that common. When you do find some, it's usually not cheap. Since I have a pretty strict dollar a roll policy for wrapping paper (unless it's amazing wrapping paper), I usually end up wrapping V-day gifts in tissue paper.  So I thought it was time to upgrade!

I dug through my paint stamps (I picked up most of these paint stamps at the goodwill outlet a while back or on clearance at various stores) and found a few Valentine's Day stamps and put some paint onto a paper plate. Then you just need to mix your colors together however you like and paint the stamp with a foam brush.

Then you can stamp away!  I stamped the "I love you" stamps with red paint first. The more intricate the stamps, the more careful you need to be about making sure the stamps are fully covered with paint and evenly pressed down--but even with script like these, they still look pretty good even when they aren't perfect.

Next I grabbed a heart stamp and painted it pink and filled in between the "I love yous" and layered them over the words on some of the ones that turned out a little less perfect and called it good. I was a little out of practice at making wrapping paper and probably should have stamped a bit closer together. If your packages are smaller (which is often the case for V-day gifts), your pattern should be closer together, but you can always decorate with a bow or some ribbon to cover any gaps.

I made two big sheets of paper for pennies (the other with some Xs and Os), and I can't wait to make more for the next gift giving holiday.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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