Monday, February 23, 2015

Alcohol Ink Glass Gem Magnets

About a year ago I inked up a bunch of glass gems. I turned the most colorful ones into necklaces, but I was left with quite a few pretty gems and no use, well I recently got some tiny neodymium magnets and I knew just what to do with them first. I dug out my leftover glass gems and picked the birghtest of the smaller ones (the standard 1/2 inch-ish sized ones that you can pick up anywhere). Click on the link above to the original post to see photos of the inking process, but I simply put ink on the applicator and decorated the backs of the gems until I liked the color. I sealed these with mod podge because I made them in February--in warmer months I'd probably use clear acrylic spray.

You can see the tiny stack of magnets in the photo above.  They are strong little magnets and a bit of a pain to work with since they are so small.  After one failed attempt at gluing, I decided my best option was to spread the gems out on a plate, put a dollop of E6000 glue on each one, and then carefully pry off the magnet from the stack, set the stack down, and apply the magnet to the glass gem. The magnets are so attractive to each other that if they are too close, they'll pull right out of the glue.

I ended up having to re-glue about 3 of them before I learned to keep them apart. Then I let them dry on the plate overnight before using them so they wouldn't pull out of the glue again.

When they were dry, I immediately put them on my fridge. These magnets are great for holding up papers. I would be very careful with these magnets though--don't craft with them with kids and keep them in a sealed container, they are a very swallowable size. That said, they work great and I look forward to making more magnetic stuff out of them.

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