Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Best of Sarah Jane's Craft Blog Ornaments

Merry Christmas! Today's special holiday bonus post is a list of all of my DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials.  I hope you have a safe and happy holiday week!

1. Transparency Ornaments Print or copy an image that's just a bit smaller than your ornament onto transparency film, roll it into a tube, insert into a glass or plastic ball ornament and add some glitter or fake snow.  This worked really well with the outline of the nativity!

2. Snowflake Paper Punch Ornament Punch paper with your favorite holiday punch and pin it to a styrofoam ball to cover the ornament in holiday cheer.

3. Button Ornament Pin holiday colored buttons to a styrofoam ball for this cute ornament.

4. Painted Glass Ornaments Swirl craft paint inside glass ornaments.  Turn as they dry and you'll have a stunning ornament for your tree.

5. Glitter Ornaments Squirt a little floor wax into a glass ornament, drain excess, and then fill with glitter and shake until covered.  These are super cute and really easy!

6. Cardboard Tube Snowflake Ornaments Cut cardboard tubes into half inch pieces, pinch into an oval and glue together into a snowflake/flower shape.  Then you can decorate them however you'd like!

7. Cornstarch Dough Ornaments This ornament post includes a recipe for cornstarch dough that you can roll out and use cookie cutters to create.

8. Alcohol Ink Ornaments These glass balls get ink squirted inside them and blown around with canned air. It creates a beautiful transparent rainbow colored effect!

9. Paper Strip Ornaments  Cut paper strips and connect them with metal brads to create paper orbs.

10. Scrabble Tile Ribbon Ornaments Glue scrabble tiles to ribbon with hot glue to create these cute ornaments.

11. Melted Pony Bead Ornaments These ornaments are created by melting plastic pony beads inside cookie cutters.

12. Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments Take apart some clothespins and glue them together into these snowflake shapes and then decorate!

13. Felt Meeple Ornament Cut out your favorite shapes from felt and stitch them up to create simple felt ornaments.  I made mine in the shape of a meeple!

14. Alcohol Ink Ornament Revisit I got some metallic inks so I tried out the alcohol ink ornament project again (it ends up being a cross between the regular alcohol inks and a paint finish--less transparent).

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