Monday, December 29, 2014

Popsicle Stick Starburst Ornaments

Well Christmas has come and gone, but our tree will be up until New Years, so I thought I'd squeeze one more holiday post in before the decorations all come down.  This one's a quick one that you can do with kids or whoever is crafty in your house and needing something to do during their vacations.

Grab some popsicle/craft sticks, glue them into a starburst pattern and decorate--it's a piece of cake.

I glued my 4 popsicle sticks into a starburst pattern with a hot glue gun, but you could easily use white glue or wood glue too.  The hot glue is just faster.  If you've got kids working on this project--a low temp glue gun would be a good option too.

Then I painted my starburst white with some thinned down craft paint (going for a bit of a snowflake thing, but you could paint them whatever color you wanted--or even leave them plain and just decorate them).

After the paint dried, I pulled out some glitter glue, but you could use sequins, plastic gems, regular glitter, or whatever you'd like.

Then I attached a metal ornament hanger to the back of the starburst (in the middle so it would sort of float).  You could also glue a string onto the back with the hot glue if you'd like instead.  These are an easy and fun little project.  Happy New Year!

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