Monday, December 15, 2014

Craft Revisit: Alcohol Ink Glass Ornaments

Last November I decorated some glass ball ornaments with alcohol ink after seeing a video online posted by the Ranger folks (the ones who make the alcohol inks), and I simply had to try it.  They were super easy and quick and turned out really neat, so I knew I needed to try it again this year with some variations.

So I grabbed two glass ornaments, a can of air, some rubbing alcohol, and some alcohol inks and set it all down on my craft mat.  I chose two shades of blue and silver for one ornament and red, green and gold for the other ornament.

One thing I tried this year that was different was that I started with a wet ornament.  I rinsed it out with rubbing alcohol and then dumped the excess out.  This made the inks much thinner and easier to mix and cover the glass.  If you're looking for a more solidly covered ornament, this will definitely help.  The other thing I did different was that I used the metallic inks.  They work really well for this project. As you can see above, I started by just squirting some red (watermelon) alcohol ink into the glass ball.

Then I used the nozzle straw to spray the canned air into the ornament.  As you can see it went from just a dribble to covering the whole ornament.  Then I set it aside for a bit to dry, but it didn't set up much. 

Next I squirted some gold and repeated with the air can.  The metallic inks really cover well and look stunning.  Then I squirted in some dark green (bottle) to finish it off and add some contrast.

The two blues I used for my blue ornament were denim and sailboat blue (and are part of the sets linked above).  Then I squirted in some silver and blew the air into the ornament and voila!

Because these ornaments were a little wet on the inside, I did turn them for a few hours as I let them dry so the ink wouldn't settle.  If you start out with dry ornaments and don't use too much ink, they'll dry almost immediately.  I think I like starting them dry better, but I definitely liked the metallic inks--they turned out very festive.


  1. Would it work if I use my liquid acrylic glass paints and mix them with alcohol instead of buying alcohol inks? I would love to use the supplies that I have, instead of putting out a lot of money every time a new idea comes out.

    1. Yes, you can use regular craft paint. It will be less translucent.

  2. Can you use plastic clear ornaments with alcohol ink?

    1. Yep. I tried that on the blog too. (