DIY Light Diffusing Box

The last time I sat down to do some crafting, it was a dismal gray day: cold, dark, foggy, and drizzling. Needless to say, the photos I was going to take for the blog would certainly suffer (especially since I still use a point and shoot).  So, I decided it was time to make a light diffuser.  I grabbed a box that looked to be about the size of a sheet of copy paper.

Since one of the ends of the box stays open to take photos into, I taped the flaps of the box up to make the box a little larger (copy paper sized).  Then I cut rectangular openings in three of the vox sides leaving the bottom and back sides of the box solid.

Then I started taping (with white duct tape) sheets of white copy paper inside the box to cover up the openings I just cut. I'm sure you could also glue the paper down, but since I had the white tape, it seemed like a faster choice.

Then I cut a square piece of white cardstock for the back and the bottom (seen uncovered in the photo above).  I taped them down by rolling up pieces of the duct tape and sticking them on the back of the paper. When I was done, the box was completely white on the inside.

To take my first photo, I put some gem magnets onto a cork trivet and set them inside.  Then I turned a desk lamp on so that it lit the box up from the top.  You can still see the glare from the light in the gems, so I have some fine tuning to do, but the photos were definitely brighter.

Here's a photo of the finished box with the light turned off.

I used the photo box to take some pictures of Monday's project. That turned out pretty well.  I look forward to using this box more during these dreary winter months while I wait for the sun to come back.


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