Alcohol Ink Decorated Charms

I've been having so much fun playing with alcohol ink lately. I keep on  looking for new things I can ink up. I figured these plastic charms from Tim Holtz that I picked up with a coupon a while back would do the trick nicely.

I picked out a few that I figured could be made into necklaces or key chains or tags and a couple smaller ones that I could stack.

Then I inked up my homemade applicator with small dots of ink and started stamping them onto one of the larger charms. 

And this is what it looked like after a few passes with the applicator.  It was so quick and easy that I whipped up the rest in no time.  I changed my felt out and tried some different color combinations and ended up with what you see below.  At first I didn't like the gold and blue one (the lightest one), so I stuck with the dark colors, but after it dried and I took a look at it, I think I kind of like it.  I'll have to try some different shades out for my next batch.

When they were dry, I strung some of them up with cording.

I put jump rings on a few and strung them up on suede cording.  The possibilities are endless though.  You could attach them to bags or to your zipper pulls, or you could use them for scrapbooking and cardmaking.


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