Monday, December 9, 2013

Scrabble Tile Ribbon Ornaments

I've been meaning to make some ornaments using Scrabble tiles for ages.  We're big gamers at our house, and I love Scrabble.  I decided to go with something simple and streamlined. I had picked up a couple of boxes of Scrabble for crafting purposes at the local Goodwill a while back.  Since most of these sets are missing a tile or two, they work perfect for crafting. I happened to have some ribbon in my scrap bin that was just a bit wider than the tiles.  I think it was salvaged from a gift a few years back, so it has the Christmas spirit already in it.  I chose some festive words, found my tiles, and laid them out on the ribbon.

Next, I just glued the tiles onto the ribbon using a dot of hot glue on the back of each tile.  I made sure to trim the edges of the ribbon at an angle so they wouldn't fray as much, and then I made a loop at the top and glued it neatly to the back with a thin line of hot glue. 

Next I slipped the loop of the ornament over one of the branches on my Christmas tree, and there you have it, a simple streamlined Scrabble tile ornament--a perfect quick craft to squeeze in during the hectic holidays.

Below is what the new ornaments look like at night with the tree all lit up. 

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