Paper Strip Ornaments

After I made my paper strip pumpkins, I knew I wanted to make some ornaments for the tree out of paper strips too.

I cut 8-3/4 inch strips from a piece of 12 inch scrapbook paper. I then cut the 8 strips into 4 inch pieces so that I could make 3 ornaments.  Then I punched a hole on either end of each strip in about the same spot on each one.

Use a metal brad to attach the strips together.  Then bend paper gently so the brads are at the top and bottom of what will become a sphere and carefully pull the strips apart so they create a ball.

You'll end up with these lovely paper orbs.  I also made a larger sphere using some green paper (also 3/4 inch thick, 6 inches long, with about 14 strips).  When I was done, I just pulled the top brad out and poked it through a piece of ribbon and then poked it back through the paper ball.  Then I tied the ribbon at the top.  I'm sure there are more elaborate ways to attach a bow and decorate these spheres--but with what I had on hand, I thought the green ribbon would work the best--so I kept it simple.


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