Clothespin Ornaments

The clothespins they sell at Dollar Tree are really chintzy.  They don't really pin and the wood is jagged and sometimes broken.  Needless to say, they didn't work very well for traditional clothespinning tasks; however, I figured they would work pretty well for crafting.  So I took apart 12 clothespins--just popped the springs off.  Then I used some wood glue (but white school glue would work fine too) to glue the two flat sides of the clothespin together.

Once the glue was dry, I arranged them into a snowflake pattern (you could also use 5 clothespins and make a star instead).

I ended up using a glue gun to glue the clothespins together as straightly as I could.  I knew the glue gun glue would set quickly and provide a little bit of flexibility to that I could try to straighten them.  Since these clothespins are so wonky, they didn't all fit together perfectly, so the glue gun helped me fill the gaps between the clothespins.

After the glue was cool and set, I painted my snowflakes with some white craft paint.  If you wanted to, you could go ahead and hang them on the tree after painting them whatever color you wanted.

Since these were such cheap clothespins, I opted instead to glitter them up (as it hides all kinds of imperfections).  I went with clear and silver on one and clear and gold on the other.


I painted Mod Podge onto the ornament with a foam brush and then glittered, Mod Podged again, and glittered again.  Then I let it dry and put Mod Podge on a third time to keep it from shedding glitter all over everything. Once they were dry, I strung them up with some silver cording and hung them on the tree!  It's an easy project that just requires a little waiting for glue to dry.  It would be the perfect project to let kids help with.

Merry Christmas to all my readers! Have a safe and happy holiday season!


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