Embossed Gift Tags

I'm just getting started using embossing powders (I did a basic tutorial a couple months back).  If you've never used them before--this is a pretty straight forward project.  I used a tag punch to make some gift tags and then used rubber stamps and pigment ink in a similar color to the embossing powder I wanted to use. All of the ones pictured happened to be gold because they turned out the most vibrantly.

After you've stamped on the ink, then cover the ink completely with embossing powder.  I found that it worked out pretty well with these little tags to scoop up the leftover powder and shake it off.

Once it's covered in powder, place it on a heatproof surface and use a heat gun to melt the embossing powder to a shine. After it's raised and shiny--your tag is all done.

Now I just have to wrap some packages to put these tags on.  Happy gift wrapping!


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