Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Mirrored Candle Plate

I've enjoyed trying new ways to use the plastic wrap application for alcohol ink. I found a candle plate from Dollar Tree in my craft stash and thought I'd have a go and using the plastic wrap method with it.

I know from some previous experience that inking mirrors is tricky. Inking glass can have it's own issues, and then add in the reflection and it becomes a challenging project. I had some luck with last week's post using Pinata inks on a glass plate. They tend to be a bit more saturated in color, so they work pretty well on glass. So I thought I'd try them out with the plastic wrap method on this mirrored candle plate.

I selected some shades of ink that I thought would work well together if they mixed--pinks, purples, and blues--and dripped them on a slightly scrunched up piece of plastic wrap. 

Once an area roughly the size of my candle plate had been covered in ink, I set the mirror onto the ink.

Then I wrapped the edges of the plastic up around the plate to keep the ink from seeping out.

I flipped it over to make sure that I got good ink coverage and set it aside to dry.

The next day, the ink was a bit less vibrant in color and none of the wrinkles appeared to still have wet ink in them. It usually takes 12-24 hours for the ink to dry. If you pull the plastic wrap off when the ink is still wet, you won't get the crisp lines from the wrinkles in the plastic wrap in your ink.

I carefully peeled the plastic wrap off of the mirror to reveal the pattern. The ink was faint in one corner, but the rest of the piece looked great.

It's really hard to get good photos of mirrors (you can really see the blue sky reflecting in the title photo), but the overall effect was different shades of purple, and then when you look at it more closely, you can see the blues and pinks.

This was mostly successful, but the effect on the mirror wasn't quite what I was looking for. I'm considering adding a vinyl decal or something else to jazz it up a bit. But, since it was a mirror, I couldn't help but get a bit of a self-portrait in with my photos.


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