Jewel Toned Alcohol Ink Ornaments

After last week's ornament project, I found myself in the Christmas spirit. That, and I found these awesome faceted ornaments in my container of plastic ornament blanks. I bought a big tub of these clear plastic ornaments from a craft store after Christmas a couple of years ago. I didn't really notice these until I had pulled the flat ones out for last week's project. These were just begging to be inked.

I knew I wanted to go with jewel tones since the ornaments kind of look like gem stones. So I pulled out my can of air, a craft mat, and a bunch of purple, teal, magenta, etc... inks.

I decided to add a little glitz and glam to the ornaments by starting out with some metallic inks. I used Ranger's silver for a couple and Pinata's gold for the other two. I dripped a couple of lines of ink into the ornament, and then I used the canned air to blow it around as best as I could.

I let the metallic ink dry for a little while before starting the other inks so they would mix less when added the other inks. I tried out several different colors and determined that the Pinata inks worked great for these ornaments because the inks are a little thicker and not quite so transparent. I did have to use quite a bit of canned air to get the ink to blow around since it kept getting caught up in the pattern on the ornament.

After I had the ornaments colored with my jewel tones of ink, I added a bit more metallic over the top to fill in some gaps. The ink that was added first was a bit brighter and didn't mix with the colors of ink as much as the metallic ink I put in at the end, so it created some nice depth.


After they were all mostly covered in ink, I let them dry with the open ends tipped towards some paper towels. Then I popped the metal hangers back in.

I was really pleased with how these turned out. I even got the husband's comment of, "Hey, those turned out cool," so I know they must be pretty good. :) 



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