Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Plastic Easter Eggs

I have a bit of a history with plastic Easter eggs on the blog. I've drip inked, splatter inked, and stamped them. I've spray painted and mod podged and even turned them into a wreath. So I was a bit stumped about what I was going to do this year. But then it occurred to me, I hadn't plastic wrapped them yet. It's my current favorite method of inking, so I'm trying it out on all kinds of surfaces.

So I got out a craft mat and my inks. I also grabbed some plastic wrap and a selection of pastel plastic Easter eggs. I usually buy these after Easter when they are dirt cheap so I can keep making fun stuff with them. There were a couple bags in my Easter box and I grabbed one of each color to start off.

I tore off a small piece of plastic wrap and selected colors I thought would work well with the base color of the Easter egg. This first one was pink, so I used a couple shades of red/pink and some blue and yellow as contrast. I set my egg on the plastic wrap, wrapped it up and set it aside to dry.

I continued with small pieces of plastic and coordinating inks. For this one I used blues and greens for  yellow egg. I tried to add some pink for some contrast.

I used more blues and greens on a blue egg and a bit of yellow for contrast.

After I had wrapped the eggs up in their inky plastic wrap, I set them aside to dry overnight. Be sure to leave them on an ink safe surface (like a craft mat or parchment paper) to dry as they sometimes will seep ink as they dry.

The next day I checked them and the ink appeared dry, so I started peeling the plastic wrap off each egg.

This egg was the one that had the most variation in color. For most of the eggs, the colors mixed quite a lot. So the ones that worked out the best were the ones that were sort of monochromatic. I'm guessing they mixed because it was hard to get the plastic wrap wrapped tightly (enough so it would stick to itself and stay in place) around the egg with out squishing the ink a bit. These didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped, but there's potential for this process to work really well on plastic Easter eggs if it's squished less or if colors are kept similar to the eggs. I might have to refine it a bit, but I still got some pretty cool looking Easter eggs.


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