Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink Bowl Interior

A couple months ago, I used the plastic wrap alcohol ink method on a small white ceramic bowl that I picked up ages ago at Big Lots. It turned out so well, that I decided I'd try it again, but this time, I'd ink the inside of the bowl instead of the outside.

I laid out some complimentary alcohol inks and a sheet of plastic wrap on a craft mat.

I dripped several shades of ink onto some slightly crumpled plastic wrap until I had an area covered that was roughly the size of the interior of the bowl.

I flipped the bowl onto the plastic wrap and carefully smooshed it into the bowl and tipped it back over. The ink squished together a bit more on the interior of the bowl than the exterior, so I was glad I used complimentary colors.

I left it to dry for a day or two and then came back and peeled the plastic off.

The colors were pretty, but the Indigo took over. Indigo alcohol ink is a pretty shade of blue, but it often ends up dominating.

There was also a bit of ink that got on the outside of the bowl. It didn't mix as much, so it was delightful colors, but unfortunately, it smeared in places and didn't cover evenly, so I removed it carefully with a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol.

So, it's totally possible to ink the inside of a smaller bowl with the plastic wrap method, the ink will probably mix a bit, and inking the outside is easier, but I still think it turned out rather pretty. It will make a lovely bits bowl once I've sealed it.


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