Alcohol Ink "Dyed" Easter Eggs

This week's post is a day early because it's EASTER.  Happy Easter!  I thought I'd share the project I made a few days ago now instead of waiting for a year to share it before Easter.  

I was going through some links to alcohol ink projects online trying to come up with something new I could try with my inks, and I kept seeing the same projects over and over again, and I suddenly thought, hey plastic Easter eggs are smooth and non-porous, I should totally be able to use alcohol ink on them.  So I dug out some cheap plastic Easter eggs that I'm sure I bought after Easter on clearance in the last couple of years (since I used all my old ones up when I made my Easter Wreath).

So I grabbed a bunch of eggs and my inks and my craft mat and got to work. I left them split in half so that I could set them on the table without them rolling and I used a couple of toothpicks through the holes in the egg to help move them around and hold them. I put a piece of felt on my applicator and dotted it up with bright springy colors of ink. 

Then I started stamping away. Even with the toothpicks helping out, these eggs were a bit of a pain to get inked up without them rolling all over the place or getting fingerprints on them. I got an awful lot of ink on my hands as I stamped them up.

Above are my first two eggs.  The yellow one from the earlier photo is the bright reddish tinted one on the right. The yellow eggs turned out the brightest since they were the lightest color to start with. The pink egg next to it on the left was inked using the same applicator after it had inked the yellow egg.  There's a big difference in the colors of the ink and the texture of the ink.  I found that the eggs turned out the best when the ink was fresh. I ended up adding more ink to the felt for each egg, and switching colors and felt every two eggs seemed to work the best.  I ended up inking over the egg on the left in the photo above so that it would be more saturated in color to match the others.

Here's the mess I was left with after I was done inking up my eggs.  They really inked up the mat and my hands, but other than keeping them from rolling onto my jeans and the floor, they were a pretty easy project. Rubbing alcohol cleaned up most of the mess and left my hands just a little dyed.  

These really are the adult version of dying Easter eggs. I don't get to eat hard boiled eggs afterward, but the eggs should last for several Easters.


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