Six Pack Picnic Carrier

It's trying to be spring here.  Not quite, but it's getting there.  Forecasts have this week being in the upper 50s to mid 60s, which is about where we're supposed to be at this time of year (and warmer than it has been). Though it's not toasty warm, we've been grilling for weeks. The first warm snap of the year and we were off to swap out our empty propane tank for a new one. Hopefully I'll be able to use this weeks craft soon to eat outside, but until then, we'll just say I'm well prepared. I did hear that next week might be in the 70s, so picnic time might be just around the corner.

I snagged a 6 pack carrier from the claws of the recycling bin and decided to give it a second life.  I grabbed this cute camping themed scrapbook paper from my stash (you'll need two matching or coordinating sheets) that I got in a packet from Tuesday Morning a while back.

Next I measured each of the faces of the carrier with a ruler and cut the rectangles out with my paper cutter. Each carrier has slightly different dimensions (taller, different shaped handle, etc...), so you'll have to measure yours.  I wanted to be able to flatten my carrier for storage when I wasn't using it, so I cut two panels for each of the sides so it could fold, and I didn't cut any paper to cover the bottom.

As you can see in the photo above, not all of the sides were perfect rectangles, so I cut the paper to fit the tallest part of the side and trimmed it with a craft knife after I had glued it on. Be very careful when cutting the paper if it is wet with glue--it has a tendency to tear--so you may want to wait until it has dried.  I also cut some of the corners and along the edges to make sure it wouldn't bunch up when folded flat, and I had to cut the paper out of the handle of the carrier. After all of the sides have been glued on with Mod Podge and trimmed up, then you can put a nice coat or two of Mod Podge over the top to seal it all up.

This project is pretty easy and quick and you're left with a very functional recycle craft for the cost of a couple of pieces of scrapbook paper. I can't wait for our first picnic of the year!


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