Plastic Wrap Alcohol Ink on Painted Wood Ornaments

A few weeks ago, Amazon had a lightning deal for a bag of 100 wooden ornament blanks. I knew I could do all sorts of fun stuff with them, so I snapped them up. I'm sure I'll be crafting cool ornaments with them for years to come, but here's my first project.

I decided to paint a bunch of them so that I could ink them. I laid them in a layer on the bottom of a box and sprayed them with white spray paint. I had to do two layers on each side, and they still weren't quite 100% covered, but since I was going to be inking them, the most important part was that the ink wouldn't soak into the wood.

I opted for my current favorite application method--plastic wrap. I have done several projects with this method. It's really easy and works great on white surfaces, especially ones that are just a bit porous so the ink can sink in just a bit, so I thought it'd be a perfect fit for the painted ornaments.

I laid out a piece of plastic cling wrap large enough to cover both sides of my ornament and then chose a selection of alcohol ink. I opted for a few shades of green and some gold.

After the inks are dripped on the plastic wrap, I put the ornament down on top of the ink and folded the remaining plastic over top. Do not smooth the plastic out, the wrinkles make cool patterns. I folded the remaining plastic over to make a little packet of ink and ornament and set it aside.

I repeated the process, this time with reds and some more metallic inks.

And then made a neat bundle of the ornament in the plastic wrap and set it aside like the green one.

I apparently got carried away and forgot to take a before photo of the blue one. I used some blues and some pearl and silver ink for this one and then wrapped it up.

I left these to dry for a day, but got busy and they were left alone for 2 days. However long you leave them, make sure the ink is dry before peeling the plastic wrap off. I usually leave it about 24 hours.

This is the first time I have used the metallic inks with the plastic wrap method, and it worked out great! It's so much fun peeling the plastic off and being surprised by the results.

The back side of the green one had less big wrinkles, so it came out kind of feathery. It looks pretty neat.

The poor sad blue ornament's photo came out blurry, so I didn't get a good one to share, but it turned out neat. The red one turned more maroon and pink, but still got some interesting patterns from the plastic wrap.

I'm pleased with how my first 3 ornaments turned out. Only 97 more to use. :)


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