Alcohol Ink and Spray Paint Ornaments

Last year I made some ornaments by spraying paint into some plastic ball ornaments. In previous years I decorated ornaments (both glass and plastic ball ornaments) with alcohol ink. This year, I combined the two methods and made alcohol ink and spray paint ornaments. It wasn't exactly what I had set out to do, but they turned out neat in spite of my plans.

I started out by spraying some paint into a few ball ornaments. I was going to try to get solid coverage and then ink the outside of the ornaments, but I was having a hard time getting good coverage with my initial spray of paint. I sprayed into the openings, swirled the paint around, and then tipped the ornaments over to dry. They only got about half coverage (even less on the ones I painted with white paint). I could have continued to add layers of paint and let it dry until I got a good solid coverage, but I thought the partial coverage was kind of interesting, so I decided to ink the inside with the partial paint and see what it looked like.

I picked out a dark shade of blue green for my first partially sprayed ornament and dripped it into the ornament and swirled it around a bit.

Then I used canned air to blow the ink around the ornament and get good coverage. It created sections of transparent green and sections of solid silver. It was interesting looking, so I kept crafting.

The white sprayed ornaments didn't have as much solid coverage and were instead sort of frosted white, which created an interesting semi-opaque look when I put ink inside the ornament. I put purples and pinks in one and yellow and red in the other and blew them around with the air.

I used a more traditional Christmas green for the last silver ornament and blew it around the ornament with the canned air.

Then I turned them over and let them dry overnight before putting their caps back on and hanging them on the tree.

These started out as a bit of a craft fail, but turned into some cool looking ornaments. I'm so glad I decided to experiment with them!


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