Deck Refresh Part 2

So, a couple weeks ago we started our deck refresh project. Then after it dried for a rained for like 5 days straight. So we couldn't do the recommended second coat of the DeckOver we used to paint our deck (click the link above to read all about our first coat). Well this week it was nice again, and I just finished submitting grades at school, so we figured it would be a good time to get another coat on.
Deck after one coat of DeckOver
On Saturday we cleared the deck off, swept and hosed it down. Then we went to Home Depot to get more paint and brushes.

Note about the quantity of paint to buy: We used way more of the DeckOver than we expected. Our deck isn't that big and we figured we'd be able to use one gallon to cover the whole deck--but we were way wrong. We barely got a single coat on the deck with the two gallons we bought. So back we went. The DeckOver is the consistency of pudding and fills in cracks and gouges, so if your deck is in kinda rough shape (as are most decks when you opt for paint instead of sealing or staining) you'll end up using more than you expect.

We let the deck dry overnight and started painting on Sunday. The second coat went on more easily than the first. It took about an hour less time to paint and we had enough to give a really good coat to the steps--which we barely got covered in the first coat because we were running out of paint.

We were worried we'd run out again, so we didn't fill all of the cracks in the floorboards, but the boards that we did put extra paint on, looked so much better. We ended up having a bit of paint leftover, and if it doesn't rain too much this week, we'll try to use it up on the floorboards to finish it off.

Overall we're pretty satisfied with the project even though it ended up costing more than we expected it to (since we had to buy twice as much paint). It looks much better and even feels sturdier with all the paint holding things together. A few of the places where we didn't get a good thick first coat on were peeling a bit after just a couple weeks, so I am worried that it won't last long. Hopefully, the recommended second coat will help keep the paint from peeling.

Sadly I couldn't get great photos of the nearly finished project as we went to a movie while it was drying and was too dark to take pictures when I got home. Then this morning it was raining and overcast. Hopefully, you can see the improvements.

Note: Though the deck looked great after painting it, the DeckOver product lasted less than a year before it started peeling on the floorboards.


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