Tissue Paper "Stained Glass" Jar

At one of my recent Dollar Tree runs, I got a package of tissue paper squares in their craft section. The package contained multiple bright colors of squares that were a little over an inch in size. 

I had already done a faux stained glass project using pieces of tissue paper glued onto glass candle holders with mod podge. I knew it would be easy to recreate that project with a new twist. So I grabbed my mod podge, a foam brush, and a cleaned pickle jar.

I painted a stripe of glue onto the bottom of my repurposed jar and started applying my squares of tissue paper. I made sure to overlap them a bit so that there was no glass showing between.

I continued randomly alternating colors and tapping the tissue paper onto the glue. Don't worry if it's not perfectly smooth or if a few edges are not completely glued down, you can add glue as you go. The more you fuss with your tissue paper, the more likely it is to tear, so just tap it on and move on.

As I started in on the second row of tissue paper, I decided to make some of them crooked to create a more random appearance. I continued to glue edges down as I went along and tried to cover all of the glass.

When I was done with my rows of tissue paper squares, I examined the jar to look for any gaps or tears in the paper. Anywhere I saw glass, I applied a square. This added to the random appearance I was going for. When I was done gluing on tissue paper and satisfied it was completely covered, I let it sit long enough to clean up my bits of paper, etc....

I let it sit for about 10 minutes before I painted on my layer of mod podge to seal the paper. The paper is less fragile if it's allowed to set up a bit. You can let it dry all the way if you have the patience (or another project to work on). Then carefully apply a thick (but not sloppy) layer of mod podge to seal it. I try to go over it once after I've applied the glue to check for any thick white sections that might not dry clear and to smooth all the glue going roughly the same direction. If the layer is consistent, it will pretty much disappear when it dries.

The tissue paper will also smooth out as it dries. I left my jar for a day before I took my pictures and you can see that some of the tissue paper also turned a bit translucent. I spray painted the original jar lid to hide the cartoon pickle on the top, so the jar could be used for storage or, since it's so pretty when light is shining through it, I'll probably use it as a luminary/candle holder.


  1. It`s more like stitched clothing than stained glass pieces


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