Alcohol Ink Easter Egg Candle Holders

With Easter just around the corner, I knew I wanted to make something festive. So I fell back on one of my favorite media to work with: Alcohol Inks. I decided to decorate a couple of the square candle holders from Dollar Tree with alcohol ink Easter eggs.

I rolled out my craft mat and grabbed my alcohol inks. I also grabbed a roll of wide painter's tape to create a stencil on my candle holders. I ended up making my stencils freehand and it was a bit of a pain. If I were doing this project again, I'd probably draw out or print out an Easter egg the size that I wanted and then trace that onto a sheet of tape (made my layering the pieces on the craft mat).

After I got my egg shapes masked off, I was worried they would just look like colored blobs, so I made some little tape zig zags to put in the middle of my eggs.

I dripped pink, orange, and yellow alcohol ink onto the felt on my applicator and stamped it onto the top half of my egg.

Then I used a clean square of felt with blue, teal, and yellow dripped onto the felt to stamp the bottom half of the egg. I did end up having to be careful along the zig zag tape, but otherwise getting the ink on the candle holders was super quick and easy.

I let the ink dry for 5-10 minutes before I removed the tape so that I wouldn't smear anything. Then I soaked a cotton swap in rubbing alcohol and cleaned up any ink that bled under the tape. I've found that cheaper cotton swabs (not the q-tip brand ones) actually work better. These are ones from the dollar store with a plastic stick that doesn't soak up the alcohol and the cotton is tightly wound and makes for a more precise tool.

These didn't turn out quite as vibrant as I'd hoped. They look better close up than with candles in them sitting on a table, but I always enjoy working with alcohol ink and trying new patterns and techniques.


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