Cuttlebug Die Cutting Part 1

I got a Cuttlebug machine last year (click the link for a basic embossing tutorial). I haven't used it too much. One of the reasons I wanted to buy one was because it could both emboss and die cut and that many types of dies and embossing tools worked in the Cuttlebug. Unfortunately, the base model does not come with the C plate that you need to die cut. So that has to be purchased extra. I have the C plate and some dies to try out now, so I thought I'd walk you through the process.

To cut with Cuttlebug brand dies, you'll need to start with the A spacer plate (the thick white one), followed by a B plate (that you'd use for embossing), then the die(s), a piece of paper, and the C plate (for die cutting). Stack them all up and crank them through the machine. As you can see in the shot above, the dies will cut into your C plate and leave it all marked up. 

One crank and your designs are cut. These came from the "Labels and Such" set. You could even stack another piece of cardstock in here and get a good crisp cut. It was super simple, the pieces popped right out. I'll definitely be looking into buying more of these Cuttlebug brand shape dies as they work so slick.

Next week I'll show you how to use the more intricate plate/wafer metal dies with the Cuttlebug. 


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