4th of July Altar Candles

So, I know, I've done so many of these altar candles that I made them their very own tag. Check out all of them here: Dollar Tree Altar Candles. But...I hadn't done any of the 4th of July yet, so I found some cute star napkins at Target and knew that just had to be my next altar candle project.

To decorate plain altar candles with napkins, you'll need Mod Podge, a small foam brush, a scissors, altar candles, and napkins.

Cut your napkins to the size of your candle. I usually cut them a smidge long and wrap the excess over the bottom edge. Your napkin will probably be two layers--a printed top layer and a white second layer. When you cut the napkin, it should be easy to pull the excess white layer off. You could leave it, but I'd be worried about the glue not saturating to the second layer and not sticking, so I pull it apart.

Next, line up one of the straight sides with the seam in your candle holder and along the top edge. Then paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the candle. I usually start with about an inch or so. Tap the napkin into place making sure it's straight. After you have it started, it's easy peasy. Just paint the glue in a thin layer onto the candle and tap the napkin into place. Be careful to keep your fingers dry so you don't tear or smudge the napkin.

When you've glued the napkin in place, I turn it upside down and glue the bottom edge down over the bottom of the candle.

Then leave it to dry. Do not handle or try to paint another layer of glue onto your candle until it's had a little time to set. I'd recommend at least a half hour.

I left mine to dry overnight and then painted another thin layer of Mod Podge onto the top of the napkins to seal it. And that's it--super easy and a great table or deck decoration for your 4th of July celebrations.


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