Camping Quesorittos

It's been a busy month so far, so I have to take a break from crafting this week and share a recipe that we tried out from our camping trip a couple of week's ago.

Each time we go camping I try to plan for one wild card recipe--something new to try. Sometimes I make up my own recipes and sometimes I just adjust one I find online. This year I saw somewhere the idea to make quesadillas in a pie iron, but I was worried about how crispy they'd end up being, so I figured a foil packet quesadilla would work better.

I mixed my quesadilla toppings in a bowl: precooked chicken (Tyson and Oscar Mayer both make good fridge packets that work great for camping), onion, shredded mexican cheese blend, and real bacon bits. Of courses you could put whatever you like on your quesadillas in the mix. One container of Oscar Mayer chicken and less than one 8oz bag of shredded cheese made 4 quesorittos. I spooned a quarter of the toppings onto each tortilla.

In order to keep the cheese from leaking all over, I wrapped the tortillas up burrito style with the ends tucked in, and then wrapped each quesoritto in heavy duty tinfoil. They were then cooked over charcoals that were spread into a flat layer with the grate positioned low over top. They were then turned and rotated regularly. I didn't time how long it took, but I'd guess about 10 minutes with all of the turning and rotating. We took one off of the grill and opened up the foil to check it, It was hot all around, but not burnt yet, so we called it and served them with salsa and sour cream.

They turned out great and we'll definitely make them again--maybe even on the home grill if we keep having these 97 degree days.


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