Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tinting Jump Rings with Alcohol Ink

So I bought some cute skeleton key charms from the dollar section at Michael's a couple of weeks back and I knew I wanted to make some necklaces out of them, but two of the keys were gold and my jump rings were silver.  Almost all of my jewelry is silver, so I wasn't about to go and buy a new set of jump rings just to make one necklace, so I used some alcohol ink to tint the silver rings gold.  I used some gold and a little bit of yellow/orange ink.  I dotted on my application block as normal and dabbed  it all over the rings.  Then I flipped them over and did it again. It worked like a charm except that the rings would sometimes stick to the felt.

When I was all done I dropped them onto some white cardstock so it would be easier to see the color they turned out.  I was pretty pleased that I didn't need to run to the store, and I look forward to coloring them in other colors just for the heck of it now that I know that it works (like purple!).

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