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This week's usual project post has been interrupted by the Big Craft Room Move of 2014 (makes it sound epic doesn't it?). This last week was spring break for me, so I took it upon myself to start a big project that I have been wanting to start for several months.  I decided that it made more sense for me to set up all of my crafting stuff in the basement where I'd actually have room to do projects. Previously, all of my crafting supplies were in the upstairs guest room.  They were spilling out of the closest, and the room was always disheveled from me grabbing supplies and not getting them put back in their spot in the closet.  There wasn't enough room there to do any projects upstairs, so everything was hauled down a level to the kitchen table, where another mess was often created.  I'm hoping that leaving all of the supplies in one area with table space will allow me to have only one messy area--and no one cares about an unfinished basement being messy (right?).  At anyrate, this big project has kept me from getting a crafting project done this week.  Rest assured, everything has currently been hauled downstairs, so next week's project will be on schedule. Meanwhile, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to reflect on the craft projects I have completed so far.

So we'll begin with the #1 most popular post on my blog: Alcohol Ink Washer Necklaces. This post is very popular on Pinterest and wins this category there too.  It was a very easy and very satisfying project.  If you're just starting out with alcohol inks, it's a great starter project!

#2 on the most hits list is my Water Crystal Neck Coolers.I had wanted to make these ever since I saw someone wearing them at the State Fair when I first moved to Iowa.  It gets awfully hot here in the summer times, so I was really excited to see that you could get the water absorbing crystals all over the place now. This one is a very easy sewing project--so if you have any sewing skills at all, you should be just fine making these neck coolers.

The next most popular craft post, coming in 3rd, on my blog is these cornstarch dough ornaments. This one being so high on the list is a little surprising to me.  This project was a bit of a pain, and I still have ziploc bags full of these ornaments waiting to be painted years after making these; however, if you're looking to make white ornaments, these are whiter than most salt dough recipes and with fewer cracks in them as they dry.  If you like making roll-out sugar cookies, this project is for you.

The 4th most popular craft post on my blog is this easy magnetic pin dish. I think this one is popular because of how easy it is.  People pin it and visit the blog because they know they can make it themselves.  I bought this dish at the thrift store and just glued a couple of neodymium magnets on the bottom--easy peasy!

And the 5th most popular project on my craft blog are these alcohol ink coasters.  Alcohol Ink projects are very popular on the web.  I think people buy the inks (or are inspired to by the projects they see) and then want to get ideas on how to use them. Decorating ceramic tiles to make coasters is such an easy project (you can even go the tissue paper or scrapbook paper and mod podge route with these too), and white ceramic tiles are super cheap!

Honorable mentions go to the projects below (in 6th, 7th, and 8th place): Tissue Paper Covered Candle Holders, Fleece Rope Bones, and the Crystal Light fridge container.

Here's to another two years of crafting! I'll be back with new a project next week!


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