Friday, November 9, 2012

Snowflake Punch Ornament

I saw an adorable ornament on Pinterest made with flowers from a paper punch pinned onto a Styrofoam ball.  I thought a ball covered in snowflakes would be even more Christmas-y....that and I have a snowflake punch, some nice blue scrapbook paper, and a spare Styrofoam ball on hand.  I love crafts where I don't have to buy anything!

This project requires:
a Styrofoam ball (I bought mine at Wal-mart)
a shaped paper punch (mine is a snowflake, but you could do stars or flowers--whatever you prefer)
a ribbon to hang the ornament
and a scissors

After I gathered my supplies, I punched a bunch of snowflakes out of some light blue scrapbook paper.  I had planned on using white card stock to contrast with the blue, but the thickness was a bit much for my cheap paper punch (which was most likely picked up in the dollar bin at Michael's), so I ended up using plain old copy paper.  It was a bit flimsy but worked fine.

After you've punched a bunch of snowflakes, start pinning them in a random but alternating pattern.  Try to get the pin in the center of the snowflake to keep things looking tidy.

When you're finished filling in with snowflakes, pin a ribbon to the top of your ornament so you can hang it from your tree.

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