3D Printed Pumpkin Candy Dispenser

In September I went shopping for orange PLA (plastic filament) for our 3D printer with great excitement. I just knew we were going to print some awesome Halloween stuff.

We got our Orange filament and I started saving designs on Thingiverse. When I saw the Jack-o-lantern Candy Dispenser, I knew it had to go on our short list. The print started well with good bed adhesion.

Throughout the print, it was a bit stringy (even more obvious on the next photo). 

It printed well enough. It certainly looked like a pumpkin, but it was just so darned stringy on the inside.

When it finished, we were both really excited about our creation. It looked like a perfect pumpkin.

The mouth opening printed with some supports, so I had to break those off. A needle nose pliers and a craft knife took care
of the extra plastic.

But, after we printed our first pumpkin, try as we might, we couldn't get the inner chamber to spin (which is how it dispenses candy). It was stuck. We figured it was because it was stringy, so we printed another pumpkin at a slower speed. It was just as stringy on the inside, but looked good on the outside.

But after much twisting and running both pumpkins under very hot water and then twisting them some more, they finally started spinning!


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