3D Printed Battery Dispenser

About a month ago, we bought a 3D printer. I've been trying to share our adventures as 3D printing newbies. To check out our previous projects: 3D Print Projects

This week's print project was one that both hubby and I noticed when we first got the printer. "Oh cool, there's a dispenser for batteries." You know you're old when a battery dispenser gets you excited. So we downloaded and sliced this project from Thingiverse: AA & AAA Battery Dispenser.

This print took about 15 hours to print (with PLA in Gray) and turned out pretty well. We had a bit of sagging in the opening at the bottom because we didn't print any supports (as are suggested by the original file uploader).

But it still worked pretty well. I'm happy with how it turned out, given that I missed that instruction when I set up the file for our printer.

As soon as the print was off the print bed, we started loading batteries into it. It fits a ton of AAA batteries (36+), but fewer AA (about 25). Will the batteries neatly roll down the slanted dispenser floor without jamming? Only time will tell. I'll update this post as we use it.

 So, what should we print next? 


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