Striped Alcohol Ink Ceramic Tiles

Last year, I used a simple method to ink the back of some dominoes with stripes. It worked so well that I wanted to try it out on a larger surface, so I dug out some ceramic tiles and my inks and got to work.

I laid down a craft mat and selected some alcohol inks in shades of green and blue (Cobalt, Sailboat, Turquoise, Clover, Botanical) . I also pulled out a couple of foam paint brushes.

I then dripped ink in a line on the beveled edge of the brush starting with a vertical line of the darkest blue and working my way toward green. I filled the entire brush tip with stripes of ink. The brush just looks wet on the end, but it was striped with ink.

I set the paint brush on the tile and drug it across the top. The ink started to blend immediately.

I filled the rest of the tile with my horizontal stripes. I might have had an easier time keeping the lines straight if I was pulling the ink towards myself in vertical stripes, but I didn't realize this until after I was done. The ink goes on very quickly. It's super satisfying.

I still had plenty of ink left on my brush, so I striped another tile. This one blended together even more. I made a point to put the edge of the brush down on the edge of the tile so there weren't any start and stop marks on the edges of my tile.

To try out another technique, I decided to go back to my first tile and drag the brush across again to see if it would keep mixing or create brush strokes. The ink was starting to dry, so it created stripes and texture across the tile.

This is a fun and fast way to apply alcohol ink. I look forward to trying swirls and larger brushes in the future!



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