Alcohol Ink Deathly Hallows Ceramic Bowl

A couple of weeks ago, I cut a bunch of vinyl decals into a holographic silver vinyl. I've been trying to think of uses for them ever since. I got these white ceramic bowls from Big Lots a while back and I've been inking them, so I had the idea to do a monochromatic ink design as a background to some of my shiny new decals.

I started out with some Pinata Black and a bit of rubbing alcohol squirted into the bowl.

None of my pictures of the thinned ink turned out very well, but you get the idea. I swirled the thinned ink around the bowl to try to get a good background coverage of the inside of the bowl.

Then I used a little canned air to finish spreading it around and drying it off.

Then I added layers of other monochromatic colors on top. I added some Pinata White and some Ranger Pitch Black and blew them around with the canned air.

I continued to layer the black and white and some Ranger Silver and blow it around until I liked the pattern that was created. Then I let it set for about a day before I sprayed a layer of Kamar Varnish over it to set it and then I let that dry.

Once everything was dry and set, I went through my decals and I found these Deathly Hallows symbols (from Harry Potter). I had cut two different sizes, so I thought they'd work perfectly with one affixed to the inside and one on the outside.

This decal was super easy to apply since it was all one piece. I simply peeled it off and stuck it on and smoothed it out with my fingers.

I positioned the decal on the outside of the bowl to line up with the decal on the inside of the bowl, but otherwise it was a simple peel and stick process.

I love the way my new little decorative bowl turned out, and I can't wait to find new was to use my holographic decals.


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